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d and smiled: “Don’t say that, after all, you can understand Taeyeon’s thoughts.” Not to mention anything else, Xia Yan has no foundation, and it is normal for Taeyeon to disagree. “Father Kim nodded, just about to say something. Xu Zhengxun’s phone has been connected here. He said a few words behind his back, then hung up and turned around. “Come out right away, let’s wait a moment.” Father Kim nodded and embraced Jin Xiayan: “It’s okay. “Xu Zhengxun stepped forward and clapped his hands to indicate: “That’s right. Leaning forward, Xu Zhengxun looked at Father Kim and Jin Xiayan: “So in order to make everything logical, at least it looks like this. After that, remember to say to the outside world that Xia Yan has been practicing for two years, and I will deal with everything else. Remember your two external voices don’t say you just came in, otherwise it won’t sound good when you spread it out, you know. “Father Jin nodded: “Of course, I make you bother. “Xu Zhengxun smiled and waved his hand. Jin Xiayan has