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on thinks don’t exist. Kwon Byung-hwan knows Seo Hyun well, of course, it doesn’t mean that close relationships are not counted. But Xu Xian comes here often, and he certainly knows what her personality is. At least apart from anything else, a man who can fight with her so intimately and be treated so specially by her. Note that it is a man, this is the first one. And it’s not that idol is not a predecessor, but that a writer is a foreigner. So not to mention what Kwon Byung-hwan thought, when Han Guo and Seo Hyun walked over, Kim Taeyeon and Sunny also saw them. Han Guo froze for a moment, then sneered forward but ignored Taeyeon, instead squatting in front of Sunny. Han Guo looked at Sunny: “You have an uncle in the company. You can do something with such convenient conditions. Business? Sunny seemed to understand something, holding back a smile and looking at Han Guo, “What happened to me?” “Pointing to Kim Taeyeon, who is looking curiously at one side of the hamster, Han Guo looked at Sunny: “The men in t