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sons for adding mers. It was really empty at this time and there were only two people. “By the way, I forgot to ask the coach to arrange fitness tasks for you.” When Xu Xian saw Han Guo looking around, he suddenly remembered something to leave. Han Guo waved his hand to stop Xu Xian: “No. I have my own training method.” Xu Xian was taken aback and looked at Han Guo dubiously. Instead, Han Guo touched his chin and looked at Xu Xian: “You call Jin Tae Hyun.” Xu Xian paused. Looking at Han Guo: “Why do you call Ouni?” Han Guo frowned, “Do you think I made you all have abdominal muscles is a joke?” Xu Xian shook his head: “I think the screenplay is about her personality…” Just call you if you call it.” Han Guo interrupted Xu Xian, “I am a screenwriter, are you a screenwriter?” Pointing at Xu Xian and Han Guo frowned: “You corrected me the bad things you always felt. I don’t like others being right in front of me. My work says, “What do I think?” What do you think you want to write?” “Heh.” Xu Xian tilted his h