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en looked back at Han Guo: “I’m serious. Haven’t you already planned to replace the role of Yuri with Victoria?” Han Guo shook his head : “You have heard the backstory and read the script for the first movie. Her role is not important.” Xu Xian nodded, “I don’t know if the first movie will be released to the market in your country.” Han Guo was surprised: “You care about this. I haven’t noticed it before.” Xu Xian put aside his hair. He shone brightly: “I think you are very hopeful.” “Ha.” Han Guo smiled and looked at Xu Xian: “I hope there are many things, take you for example. For example…” “For example, I will call you Taeyeon Ou Ni, are you looking for her?” Xu Xian calmly turned around and went back to Han Guo. Han Guo took a deep breath, and when the puzzled Kim Taeyeon walked out, he walked over Kim Taeyeon… and looked at the Ruowuwu gourd bottle inside. Take a deep breath, relax, relax…not once or twice anyway, just get used to it. Han Guo persuaded himself… “Yeah!!!” He woke him up with a sco