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sode, Han Guo rubbed his eyes and smoked a cigarette. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and then two… and Jessica came in. Han Guo was stunned for a moment and paused the video to watch her: “What’s the matter?” Jessica sat there, her legs cocked…I was wearing jeans today, although my knees were exposed. Han Guo glanced at it and then smiled. Jessica reacted to something and glared at him with his head tilted. “If you have something to say, don’t look arrogant!” Han Guo stared back. Jessica laughed and pointed at him: “Yeah, your attitude is getting worse and worse for me. Are you indifferent because you have been breaking up with her for longer and longer?” “I am cold?” Han Guo frowned and looked at her: “Do I have you cold? And…” Han took a meal, and took a mouthful of his cigarette: “And who’s the little one.” “Heh.” Jessica laughed, glanced at Han, and said casually. “Then whose little one is in France now. I guess it’s time to go to Germany today.” Han Guo was silent, and gave a half-hearted g