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he told me about this project, not to mention the plot. I think the overall planning is very fresh. It is unique in Korea. I am also very interested in it, so I am currently in the most essential stage of understanding. Han Shimin pointed to Han Guo and signaled Luo Zongxuan: “Just ask him.” Luo Zongxuan nodded and signaled to Han Guo: “The reason why Victoria was invited to perform…because she is a compatriot?” Han Guo thought about it for a while and looked at Luo Zongxuan calmly: ” Yes. But the goal is our country’s market.” Luo Zongxuan was taken aback, and nodded with a smile: “The Korean writer is very straightforward, I appreciate it. Can you talk specifically about it?” Han Guo smiled: “It’s not straightforward, but a lot of things. Say, whether it’s Representative Han or Minister Luo. The position is there, it doesn’t make sense to go around.” Luo Zongxuan nodded with a smile, and motioned to Han Guo: “You can talk about your thoughts.” Han Guo took a sip of the soup and watched. To Luo Zongxuan: