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was a local. After living for more than 20 years, we must be familiar with it. It’s just that Xu Hyun’s expression is weird. When he was getting more and more certain, he couldn’t help pursing his lips and looking at the blank Han Guo: “Is it almost there?” “Mo is almost there?!” Han Guo looked around: “I don’t know… Uh.” Han Guo also saw familiar buildings that were once iconic. to him. There was a tree, and after a short distance, I went to Han Guo and stayed away. “I didn’t mean it.” Han Guo was silent for a long time. Speak calmly. Xu Xian looked at his profile and said nothing. Han Guo didn’t say much. Because it’s already slowly reaching the gate. Han Guo slowly slowed down and stopped, staring at the Longshang house in a daze. Quietly dark, Han Guo didn’t go down, but he didn’t drive away either. “Bang.” The sound of the door slam awakened Han Guo because Xu Xian had already got out of the car and walked forward with a lazy waist. Han Guo was stunned for a while, was silent for a while, and got out o