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f them rubbed his forehead and said:

The Lie 西安夜生活网 Langqi here is very good, cheaper than other places. I accidentally drank too much and fell asleep. I don’t know if something happened to that Keren. Hey, I will sail as soon as I wake up. I don’t remember what I did after getting drunk. Praising the beauty god, He let me lie back on the bed instead of sleeping in the rain.

Other passengers echoed and said that their experiences were similar.

Of course, everyone is in the details. There are differences. For example, a passenger praised the desserts in the cheap hotel breakfast for being quite good. The

sailors regretted not being able to drink the cheap and good Lilanzi, and they all opened their mouths and teased the passengers:

maybe spend time with you It’s not the chick here, but the big guy like Theodore. Anyway, you are all drunk like that, and you can’t 新西安夜网 know what happened!

Haha, touch your ass! In the

hilarious atmosphere, sailors Put away the gangway, raise the sails, and let the passenger ship set sail a little bit. After

they passed through a slightly gloomy sea area and returned to the familiar safe channel, Alfred completely relaxed and smiled to his adjutant and rebels. :

You can mark this place on our map and write that spirits and desserts 西安夜网论坛 are good. Well, the girls also have their own characteristics.

After a few days of sailing, the passenger ship finally arrived at Dicy Bay along the winding safe channel Port Escones.

Alfred, upholding the noble demeanor and the social instinct melted into his blood, visited the high-levels of the nearby military base and shared a good dinner with them. When

he returned to his father’s 西安桑拿网 building here Inside the holiday villa, I accidentally found that the Husong who was sent by himself to look for information was a little pale.

What’s the matter? Alfred put away his sloppy feeling.

The Husong suppressed his voice and said:

General, there are no official maps in the kingdom. Mark Utopia Port.

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