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primary goal. Perhaps it is the sense of maliciousness in the dark. Catwoman bursts out with a strong 西安桑拿网death force, which quickly expands into a large black cloud. Catwoman is hidden in it. This special force of death can not only isolate sight, but also isolate most of the magic. Exploration, and the role of ordinary spiritual exploration. After hiding his position, a mysterious spell sounded. Legendary Druid Spell-Ancient Tree Skin! The matt golden scales of the ancient golden dragon became grayer and darker, and the surface of the smooth scales showed the bark-like lines of the ancient tree. At the same time that the ancient tree skin was completed, the magic reinforcements of the White Dragon Lord also arrived, and a transparent ball-shaped magic shield protected the ancient golden dragon. The ghost hand did not choose to bless his companions with defensive magic, and hung upside down at the tip of the cone-shaped floating tower.西安夜网论坛 A black energy ball was condensing, and the black energy ball was so black that it was a black hole that swallowed everything. Even if it was not launched, the White Dragon Lord who was several kilometers away still felt a terrible energy fluctuation, which was definitely a forbidden curse level attack. Feeling the maliciousness coming from the enemy,西安全城安排网 and the feeling of being locked in with nowhere to escape, Lord White Dragon looked solemn. Although the White Dragon Lord is full of confidence in the defensive power of the Guardian of the Moon, he is not arrogant enough to use the Guardian of the Moon to smash the enemy’s magic, and is about to launch the super magic star destroyer that comes with the floating tower to bombard the enemy. Suddenly seeing the two teammates fighting with the enemy, the White Dragon Lord changed his mind and said the spell quickly. After a few seconds, the black energy ball was fully charged, and the ghost hand launched it without hesitation. Super magic annihilation cannon! With the blessing of the floating tower, the super magic annihilatio