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Klein’s figure emerged out of thin air, holding it in the process of the collapse of the Fool’s Kingdom and the reappearance of the grand palace With this container containing the Fool’s card and Amon’s true 西安夜生活论坛 body,

he suddenly closed it. He didn’t expect such an item to be able to seal Amon, who was in charge of the relevant authority in the doorway . He just bought some time and found The opportunity to throw Amon out of the source castle and take back the initiative.

But at this moment, Klein wearing a black windbreaker stopped moving.

His other hand took out a crystal monocle from the void and moved it towards

His right eye. Behind him, Amon, wearing a pointed soft hat and classical black robe, quickly sketched out, his eyes were slightly dark and he smiled wildly:

When did you have the illusion that I was useless?

Before his words fell, the parasitic Klein’s figure rapidly thinned and turned into a paper man with crude tailoring.

Klein is cautious, and also useless the body, relying on 新西安夜网 the paper man substitute grafted with the thread of the spirit body.

He knew very well that fighting with Amon would rather give up opportunities than make mistakes. Once a mistake is made, it is difficult to reverse the situation under the suppression of bugs.

For the prey, it becomes paper. In the human situation, Amon seems to be no exception at all, he just raised his hand and gently touched the monocle made of crystals. On

the other side of the grand palace, Klein, wearing a top hat and a windbreaker, uncontrollably escaped from the Fool’s own secrets. Came out.

He raised his right hand heavily took out a crystal from the void. With his monocle, he moved it towards his right eye bit by bit. During

this process, Klein’s expression was full of resistance and distorted, as if he could no longer control his hand.

Amon was half crazy and uncontrollable. Half a leisurely smile:

You can replace yourself with a paper man, and a paper man can also replace you.

It is “parasit