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ge asked strangely.

“I’m worried that those Slytherins are cheating, so just be careful.” Ivan said in a vague tone. He could never say that there would be an elf named Dobby who would control the wandering ball to attack Harry, right?

Besides, it is not certain whether this will happen or not.

After all, Hogwarts is very stable these days, there is no basilisk, and no heir to Slytherin.

This made Ivan feel that it was the right choice to get Tom Riddle’s diary before, otherwise he would have 西安夜生活第一论坛网 to worry about the basilisk attack now.

“Okay, I will look at Harry.” George nodded casually, patted his chest and said.

Although he didn’t quite believe the Slytherins and dared to play some tricks in the Quidditch match, if Ivan said this, he would naturally pay more attention.

Ivan nodded, and vaguely felt what would happen in this Quidditch match.At

this time, the door to the arena was opened. Ivan had to converge and ride out on his own light wheel 2001…

Chapter two hundred foul, you are a foul!

Ivan rode a broomstick through the semi-circular passage and flew all the way to the center of the arena. There was waves of cheers and cheers in his ears.

“Gryffindor will win!”

“Fault the group of Slytherins!”

With the support of the props, the entire stadium is 西安耍耍网 full of the shouts of the Gryffindor lions, and the top of the college seats is even more impressive. Swish and put the improved fireworks.

The firework rushed into the sky and exploded suddenly, transforming into a lively little lion, yelling at the seat of the opposite Slytherin to show provocation!

The little wizards in Slytherin were not very good-looking, their cheers and encouragement were suppressed by the enemy, but there was nothing 新西安夜网 to do.

At this time, someone secretly sold the same magic items as the opposite Gryffindor. For the rich Slytherin, naturally he did not hesitate to give generously, and no matter how powerful, Gryffindor could not give it. Press it down!

Ivan on the field also noticed this situation