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saw the boundless gray mist and Gehrman Sparrow vaguely The vague figure, I heard the corresponding prayer:

Amon appeared, at 39 Berklund Street, but only one

Amon appeared? 西安夜网论坛 So fast? Leonard, who had relaxed, suddenly retracted his legs and brushed the ground. Sitting upright, his spirit was tense than during the previous disciplinary action.

He quickly relayed Klein’s words to Pales Zoroast, and then asked:

Old man, what should I do now? Start acting? There is only one

clone of Amon! Pales Zoroast was silent for two seconds and said:

Amon only came with one clone, indicating that there is another conspiracy, but it is not important.

There is a proverb in the Fourth Age that is, shoot The arrow cannot be retracted. Since it has started, you can’t back down. If you delay it, Amon will try to affect the entire block of people. At that time, you will be able to find Dawn Dantes’ anomaly.

Klein returns to reality. The world, walked out of the bathroom.

He was prepared accordingly . He wore a squirming hunger in his left hand and a medal carved from a black gem in his right hand.

Then, he manipulated the winner Enyuni, the secret puppet, to make him start Pointing, jumping with flames, entering the house of Senator Maht, 39 Berklund Street, like Gehrman Sparrow.

The thread of the spirit body instantly conveyed Klein’s thoughts, but it was like a stone He sank into the sea and didn’t react 西安夜生活论坛 at all.


suddenly lost his sense of the secret puppet! Klein’s eyelids jumped, and the door of the master bedroom

opened with a creak. It was the winner Enyouni who opened the door.

This Luen and Bailang young man pushed open the door and walked in step by step without being controlled by Klein.

He took out a crystal-like monocle from his pocket and wiped the surface with his cuff. Then he slowly clipped it into the eye socket of

his right eye. He then looked at Dawn Dantes, and the corners of his mouth rose a little: I

found you.

The atmosphere in the bedroom suddenly solidified, a