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e, “But as far as I know, At present, the most powerful person who can integrate the major clans seems to be the young hero, right? Oh, no, it should be the new boss now, the Grand Duke is right.”

“The situation 西安夜网论坛 is different.” Butler Lysa shook his head and said: ” Byelegon’s unity force exceeded all the other great clans’ heirs. He was the strongest and was a hero of the Great War a hundred years ago. After the death of the Grand Duke, he did not even have any resistance, and he was able to succeed as the Grand Duke. ”

Okay.” Dr. Geers shook his head and said, “What use is it for you to make me care about the power struggle within these clans? Compared to these, I care more about when the supply will be restored. To be honest, in this world The rare blood types that can be found are getting fewer and fewer, and more of them have been contaminated. By the way, I heard that there were two lost guys here today?”

“I arranged for them to live in the West Wing.” The butler of Lysa said calmly: “It happened that the people from the 西安夜生活网 monitoring team came over at night. I wondered if they would use them to greet the guests.”

“So you actually came to me mainly to get the purification potion, right?” Dr. Geers He narrowed his eyes with a smile.

The butler of Lysa shrugged and said, “Who made you a certified senior occultist. The blood of ordinary people is not purified and not

easy to eat .” “Take it.” Dr. Geers 西安夜生活论坛 took out a bottle from the cabinet. The potion came out, “Don’t be so extravagant. You know that the raw materials are a little scarce recently. Our Mr. Valli is so picky. He just barely supplied these potions.”

Soon, I got it from Dr. Geers. The butler, who wanted something, took two maids, and once again came to the west side of the castle. He went directly to the door of the room greeted the two passengers whose car broke down.


The maid knocked on the door and pushed it away.

Just looking at the empty room, the butler of Lysa frowned, “Where are they?” The

room is obviously no