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gently squirming.

Just like a giant snake creature, resting comfortably in its nest.

Next to Joe, Mr. Segengs spread a square black silk cloth on the floor. On the inky black silk, the inverted five-pointed star was embroidered with blood-colored silk thread, and the decoration was complicated. Magic circle of twisted runes.

Mr. Si Gengsi turned his head and quietly felt the subtle fluctuations in Joe’s room. He breathed 西安桑拿网out gently, and placed a fist-sized black crystal ball in the middle of the black silk cloth. Cut his wrist, chanting a complex secret mantra in a low voice.

The secret curse lasted for a quarter of an hour, and Mr. Skeins 西安夜生活网 released a small bucket of blood.

The blood soaked the entire piece of black silk cloth, and the magic circle lit up quietly, and then all the blood was sucked clean.

The black crystal ball floated silently, hovering quietly in the air three feet high. Numerous extremely thin blood-colored light rays spurted from the magic circle on the black silk cloth, and the blood light penetrated into the crystal ball. After countless refraction and reflection, it turned into a vast blood-colored light curtain that filled the entire room.

Hesse’s rough face emerged in the light curtain,西安夜网论坛 and subtle, intermittent voices came from the light curtain.

“Segense, what happened? Master, can you be well?”

Segense’s right hand was shining with a strange light, and his palm gently wiped the wound on his left wrist, and the bleeding wound suddenly disappeared.

He stood up and bowed solemnly to Hessian: “My master is safe, he has gained some benefits in the past two days, but he has also provoke some enemies.”

In the simplest words possible , Seggens explained what happened to Joe in the past two days. The matter was repeated quickly.

Hessen frowned: “The War Department gave Joe the second-order potion? Huh…西安夜生活网 Sure enough, Hyderabad is the Dragon’s Lair, and Joe took the Abyssal Mayfly potion, which is nothing to hide… However, fortunately, Joe is a policeman. The