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r half of those lives, and what will happen afterwards, there is no way to guess. The anchor may not be able to solve the problem. Every thought in Klein’s mind flashed quickly, and he was confused, curious, and again Difficult and puzzled, but I can only stand far away, and I can’t even watch.

That is Azik’s life, the future he will face, and others cannot make decisions for him.

And Klein should say Yes, as I said before, he stood there helplessly and worriedly, waiting for Mr. Azik to speak.

Azik looked 西安夜网论坛 at the beautiful hooded lady in front, without a word for a long time, and the pale flame in his eyes flickered. The

illusory and real mountain feather snake seemed to perceive some bad change, its tail suddenly pulled out, and it swept around frantically, its head was buried, and its mouth opened, revealing dark red flesh and blood. With light butter-stained fangs, spit out pitch-black snake core and 西安耍耍网 yin-green slime, and actively swallowed Azik Eggers.

However, all its attempts failed to produce an impact, it seemed to live in another world In the

disturbing silence, Azik raised his right hand, rubbed his forehead, and smiled peacefully:

Maybe he is used to the current life, I choose three.

He just finished speaking, and the hooded lady on the opposite palm With a grip, he firmly grasped the bird-shaped gold ornament, and then retracted his arm a little bit, pulling the ancient thing out of the crack in Azik’s forehead.

Azik’s expression was distorted again, it seemed Is suffering unimaginable pain.

In every drop of his blood and every muscle, there is a little spirit coming out, intertwined into a transparent soul body.

This soul body seems to be intact and incomplete, but it is 西安夜生活论坛 full of inconsistent contradictions, because half of it is present. Golden yellow, from the eyebrows and eyes to the trunk and limbs, with a simple beauty.

As the bird-shaped gold jewelry is extracted, the translucent spirit of Azik splits from the middle, inch by inch, as if being caught by someone