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ed it up with her sleeves as a maid. When she saw something unclean, she would take the initiative to wipe it off. This is the self-cultivation that the maid of the palace should have!

Wiping 西安夜网论坛 it, the oil lamp suddenly became hot. Outside the gray oil lamp, a golden streamer suddenly appeared. The little maid was shocked. The oil lamp fell from her hand to the ground!

But at this moment, A puff of red and black smoke came out slowly from the oil lamp.

At the same time, the little maid heard an angry voice, “I said, don’t come in this ghost place? New summoner? Oh! My goodness! 西安夜生活第一论坛网 This time it was so fast, could it be this lamp god? Has it begun to be transported?”

It looked bigger than a human, like a giant beast in the legendary desert. It was red and surrounded by a rolling heat wave. It looked like a hideous little maid whose brain suddenly became blank, and she fainted in shock. .

“Hey, hey, don’t faint! Make a wish! Make a wish quickly!! Make a wish?” A certain red Dengjin suddenly shrank 西安夜生活网 and frowned, “Hey, I said, women are the troublesome thing. !”

It hugged the little maid directly, and then looked back at the sky that was about to light up. A certain red lamp in the sky frowned again, muttering to himself: “Why is this place so weird and dead?”

On the road, I will actually encounter some white-robed guards and even some ordinary priests in the temple.

It’s just that 新西安夜网 Otto didn’t even say anything to the guys he met. When they met, they killed him with the carbon fiber long knife snatched from Otto in white.

He said that he was a madman, and his behavior was indeed like a madman. Not only did he not change his face when he killed people, but he was also utterly neat and extremely effective.

Ibn has been following Otto with fear and trembling. Seeing his murderous appearance, his scalp was numb all the way, and he secretly regretted that he should not continue to follow in!

Originally, he should have slipped away when he was outside. That’s right, but the body of the high prie