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p but whispered.

understand the Lorenzo After the meanings stated, every small object here has a heavy meaning.

Relying on them, human beings lit up fire in the dark, clenched the 西安夜生活论坛 thunder and flames, and fought with the monster from the dark to this day.

Yes . , The epic of mankind.

Lorenzo sighed.

It represents that mankind has broken through the limitations of’biology’, and for the first time we have turned chemical energy into mechanical energy.

Burning and rising, roaring machines build a great city.

If in the ancient mythology, the power of a god to master thunder and rain is the power of a god, at this moment we have mastered the power of steel and burning.

Human beings themselves are the gods walking in the world.

So the long night ushered in It’s dawn.

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third chapter story.

Your speech just now resembles that kind of idealism. The

robin said slowly.

Theism is just a’tag’.

Lorenzo interrupted the robin directly, He looked at the man in front of him and continued talking.

Strict, silent, and devout believers are actually only used by us to show others the first impression, some people use it in exchange for trust, some people use it to carry on Deception.

Lorenzo narrowed his smile, his eyes kept dodge, his 西安桑拿网 hands kept changing positions, as if

he was uneasy. After a short switch, Lorenzo looked like a cowardly guy, but this is also In just a very short moment, he changed back to what he was before, an indifferent appearance.

But here is still a rudimentary form.

His thinking jumped and quickly pulled the topic back here.

In fact, this feeling is quite strange. Thinking Lorenzo casually in touch to feel as if what seems to be the truth of this strange world.

can not the time, the door of truth is still tightly closed die, that’s not it open the moment.

there is also There is something missing.

Lorenzo scanned the room. Different obj