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ed in the warehouse. In the open space between.

In these mess of’trash’, a few pieces of coarse cloth can enclose a small space that blocks the line of sight.

Portusse men with red 西安桑拿网 cheeks came in and out of these small spaces, and women’s sharp, exaggerated screams came out of these small spaces, from far away, far away…

from time to time, there was chaos. The scurrying children sneaked up near these small spaces, raising the coarse cloth curtains and peeping in…

Far away, there would be a few grim-faced old women swearing a few words, but no one really stopped these children.

Joe stood on the roof of a warehouse in the distance, concealing his figure with a pile of broken bricks, and squinted his eyes to look out at the chaotic, messy, and smoky Camp of Portusse.

The countries of the mainland of Medland are entangled with each other in grievances, nations are friends with each other, nations are enemies with each other, and between ethnic groups and ethnic groups, there are also various’historical grievances’ that have a 新西安夜网 long history, and love and hate are intertwined with each other. .

There is only one ethnic group that has been despised and hostile by all countries and ethnic groups on the Medland mainland.

The Portusians…the

entire Medland, no one is friends with them. They are like foreign objects with a rotten smell in the sewer, and everyone is afraid of them.

No territory, no history, no culture, no faith.

No one knows how many people they have, no one cares how they survive.

They are like duckweeds, floating around, wandering in wind and rain, humble but stubbornly alive…At all costs, they are humble but repulsive alive.

Some people say-“The Portusians are a plague. As long as there is one Bose in any place, there will be thousands of Portuses in three to five years.”

Some people say-“Portusians are born sinners, stealing, robbery, blackmail, fornication, they have committed all the sins that humans can imagine.”

Some people say-“Portusians are natural