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y for my lateness. Of course, as I told you at the Ministry of Magic, I believe you must have your own suffering.” Dumbledore stood up from his chair and moved gently. He smiled.

“Hohenheim, is she okay?”

Grindelwald glanced at Dumbledore indifferently, and looked straight over him, looking at the little silver-haired girl lying quietly on the soft bed in the house, just like Dumbledore. Lido is just the same as a transparent person.

“no 西安夜网论坛 problem, the child slept, her body hidden vitality stronger than we imagined, after all, most of you know, Mixed shaman usually do.”

Pa Russelsus, that is, Hohenheim, glanced awkwardly at Dumbledore who was deliberately ignored by Grindelwald, shrugged and replied, but there weren’t many surprises in his tone. I

have to say that the half-blood wizard is here. Physically, it is indeed much more advantageous than ordinary humans.As a doctor who may be the oldest doctor in the magic world, the identity of Elena Hybrid Veeva was almost the first moment she entered the room. Hohenheim recognized it.

“It’s okay.”

Hearing Hohenheim’s answer, Grindelwald’s eyebrows loosened, and the look on his face could not help but relieved a bit.

“Gellert, don’t worry. She will be at Hogg Watts has been better taken care of. Now that I am here, leave the rest of the matter to me at ease, and you can take a good rest.”

Following Grindelwald’s sight, Dumbledore looked at the sleeping man. Elena, frowned slightly, is preparing walked a few steps, then a close look at the situation of girls.

suddenly, a white light curtains appeared in Dumbledore’s around, he will be stuck in place.

“not I’m sorry, I don’t think you can 新西安夜网 take her away.”

Grindelwald casually played with the wand in his hand and said softly.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, pulled out the wand and waved it, the white light curtain was like ice and snow in the sun. Dissolved quickly.

However, just before Dumbledore was performing his magic, Gellert Grindelwald had already walked quickly to Elena’s bed.