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hard to get the 新西安夜网 first-place dining advantage, the most they can enjoy is the limited supply of roast turkey, grilled steak and so on. What is

even more terrifying is that according to Elena’s side-by-side attack , If it is the last round to 西安夜生活第一论坛网 enter the auditorium, apart from a little salty bacon and boiled cabbage, the only thing left for everyone is (mashed potatoes) (fried potatoes) (roasted potatoes) these three kinds of Hogg The cuisine at Watts Banquet is reserved.

“If you don’t go to the auditorium, where do you go to eat?” Hagrid frowned and asked. After

experiencing the previous lessons, this time, the little wizards gathered 西安夜生活网 around Elena No one took the initiative to ask questions, but with a look of expectation and curiosity, she quietly waited for the girl to continue speaking.

Elena did not answer immediately, but looked up and down for a while with a meaningful look in front of the tall and burly The giant, he looked away until Hagrid felt a hairy feeling behind his back.

[Forget it, it’s not time yet, wait a little longer, and become more familiar with Hagrid, then start that Plan.) The

girl’s eyes flashed, she tried to suppress the impulse that was about to blur out in her heart, and frowned and muttered a few words.

“Well, all seven grades in the school will enter the auditorium in batches according to the completion of the training course. The dining hall will enter the auditorium in batches.”

“I understand what 西安夜网论坛 Dumbledore meant!”

Elena suddenly brightened her eyes and looked at the little girl next to her. wizards smiled, revealing two cute little eye teeth, gently shook his finger, said seriously.

“you know, do not produce food hall, but there is a ceiling with a nice restaurant just magic.”

side Then, silver-haired little Lolita cover in hand before the forehead, looked up and looked at the time on a distant school bell tower, Dumbledore said from the first round of “dinner time” in less than half an hour.

as a A little witch with rigorous scientific thinking,