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ronze juvenile dragons in total. In addition to Vernosi and Bailong, adult dragons have only two very old dragons waiting at the table. Such a scene reminded Lord Bailong of his previous life, left-behind children living with his grandparents. Vernosi couldn’t bear the question of a group of bear kids. Well, brothers and sisters, don’t let Stan Roata and Morida Arm wait long. (Note: Atta and Emine are honorific titles for male and female old dragons, respectively.) The bears and children then let Vilnosi go and hula la la after the two dragons and came to the table. The female very old dragon spoke. Welcome to the home of the Star Hall family, Your Excellency Amos, Vernosi has sent a letter to tell us what happened, thank you for your help to Vernosi. Morida Arm, you are so kind, In fact, Vernosi came to help me. The male very old dragon on the side happily said loudly. No matter who helps anyone! Good dragons can kill Titans! Today we have a good celebration! Amidst the cheers of a group of bear kids, the banquet began. The dishes prepared by the two extremely old 西安桑拿按摩 dragons are very rich. There are various fruits produced in Golden Heaven, sacred shells produced in the River of Holy Light Heaven, and huge insects specializing in Amber Heaven, as well as a large group of unnamed food. After drinking and eating, Lord White Dragon chatted with the two extremely old dragons to learn about some dragon culture in the astral era. Although the dragon inheritance of the ancestor dragon is all-encompassing, 西安耍耍网 most of them are important things. Some daily cultures will not be recorded. Now there are two living fossils on the side. The White Dragon Lord naturally wants to ask for advice. Lord White Dragon learned that in the ancient astral era, when the dragon tribe was still living in groups, the dragon tribe also had a rich culture, such as a systematic food culture and casting craftsmanship. I think back then, when the dragon gods did not separate their families, how powerful our dragon clan was, the dragons wer