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glanced at each other’s stall curiously. Like other peers, the tattered UAZ van was filled with various small objects, some of which still had wet mud remaining. Their harvest is not bad.

“Of course I know you.” The little boy took off his leather gloves and reached out. “My name is Nicholas. I have seen you on TV several times.”

“Hello, I am indeed Yuri.”

Nanjing Longfenghe The other party shook hands, “How’s the harvest?”

“Not so good” Nicolas stepped aside, “Our family has been digging here for two days, except for some water bottle epaulette belt 新西安夜网 buckles, not even a helmet was found. Yuri, do you want to tell

me something ? Is there a tiger style here?” “I don’t know,” Nanjing Longfeng Tan said, “We are here this time hoping that someone can find the tiger style and buy it, but for now Look, at least there are no tiger

tanks for sale in this small market.” “You’re really kidding,” Nicolas grinned silly. “Even if they can dig, no one will be stupid enough to sell 西安夜生活第一论坛网 tiger tanks here.”

“That’s not necessarily. There are so many colleagues around. It is the wisest thing to dig out the treasure and sell it as soon as possible.” Nanjing Longfeng bent down and picked up a rusty German soldier card from the stall. “So Nicholas, here you are. Are there any rare things?”

“If there were, I would have gone home long ago” Nicholas grumbled, sniffing. 西安夜生活论坛

“It’s okay”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix said, pointing to the club’s RV camp not far away, “If you find any rare baby, you can send it there. We will be here these days.”

“I’ll tell my father” Nico Pull happy promised.

Unmarkedly glanced at the female stall owners on both sides of the stalls, Nanjing Longfeng patted Nicholas on the shoulder, and continued to wander in this small market less than 50 meters in 西安耍耍网length. From time to time, just pick a pleasing to reveal. Acquisition information.

Until he finished shopping around the whole market, he had an extra rare MP28 submachine gun in his hand. The appearance of this gun looks pretty good,