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from the ground, looked at it, pulled it, and finally turned a wand into a debris next to it. The projectile, 西安夜生活网 tried to test the power of the slingshot, but he quickly discovered the purpose of the slingshot. The projectile that was shot seemed to have been released with tracking magic, which can accurately bypass the object and hit the target.

“A slingshot that has been released with magic, It’s interesting, it’s probably a toy in Joko’s jokes shop. It’s good to use it to fix people.” Albert murmured to himself, and soon started to wonder if he could apply this technique to bows and arrows. The archery person becomes a sharpshooter in minutes? If it is used on firearms, can it take the first level from kilometers away?

Well, this slingshot is good, and it is worth researching.

Albert uses descaling The curse cleared the dust on the surface of the slingshot, and took out a handkerchief and wiped it, before putting it in the pocket of his robe.

After strolling 西安夜网论坛 around in the trash, Albert found a shabby Quidditch in a corner odd box, opened it and found inside the Quidditch game props have been ragged, including a baseball bat and even that only a section of hand, God knows what it really happened.

two Bludgers also They are all broken, the only ghost ball is relatively intact, but it also looks a little shabby.

Albert’s eyes are attracted by the golden snitch. When he picked up the golden snitch with rust, he found that it had lost a wing .

another snitch’s wings can use, but the lack of side wings, can not fly again normal.

a damaged snitch very attractive for Albert, the snitch process is actually very high, It is said that in order to determine who will catch it first, this thing has physical memory ability.

If this physical memory ability is used in the treasure house, wouldn’t it be easy to create 西安夜生活论坛 his own secret treasure house?

Dumbledore is really like this Done. In other

words, how come you feel a bit tattered in the trash?

This style of painting is wrong!

Ahem, it