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re standing beside the bed at some point.

This black shadow face On the top, half is completely covered with mushrooms, half is covered with weeds, holding a log-colored cane in his palm.

Eudora can’t even scream, but feels that his heart is about to explode.

And that dark shadow with a cane The

tip of her stick touched her. Yudola felt that her heart had returned to normal, and her right leg felt cool, and

she seemed to feel conscious. She looked at the bed again, where there was a dark shadow. In a

daze, Yuduo Pulling her right leg,

she found no pain at all, as if she had not been injured at all. She pulled up the quilt again and covered her face.

After dozens of seconds, something unbelievable came out from under 西安夜生活网 the quilt. Frightened, mixed with a bit of joyful crying.

Chapter 144 Strange Stories: At

night, Pritz Harbor, a suburban cemetery.

The people who died in the previous ship bombardment have been carried here, the three major churches The priests and bishops are busy calming the soul and preventing abnormal changes.

In that short day, many wives lost their husbands, many children lost their mothers, and many families were left 新西安夜网 alone. They wandered in the cemetery, some were silent, some wept, and some cried until they fainted. .

braved sheets of plain faces of Klein stand among them, not saying a word, looking at all this, it seems to recall the once attended the funeral.

he just took advantage of the dark, in Baekeland and Pulitzer Several hospitals in Hong Kong used life sticks to heal the people injured in the attack, and left behind weird and terrifying urban ghost stories by the way, and further digested the magician potions.

And he knew that once such ghost stories spread widely. , Zarathu, who was in Backlund, immediately understood what was going on, and sent a secret puppet to monitor the corresponding places.Therefore, before the news spread, Klein relied on the transmission and ran to Backlund and All the hospitals 西安耍耍网 in Pritz Harbor are treating critic