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“Why not take flight class on Quidditch Field?” Fred once again expressed confusion. They The flight class for Beijing took place on a flat lawn outside the castle.

“Who knows.” Lee Jordan was 新西安夜网 disapproving of this, it’s not the same everywhere anyway.

“Go, don’t be late.” Angelina urged. , She seems to be eager to take the first flight lesson.

“Don’t worry, there are five minutes left, enough time for you to get there.” Albert is not in a hurry, raising his head and looking ahead. Lawn. The

Slytherin students are already there and are helping Mrs. Hooch to set up the flying 西安耍耍网 broomstick.

Mrs. Hooch is a short-haired woman with a hooked nose and pair of eagle-like eyes, riding on the broomstick Later, it gave people an inexplicable illusion, as if it was an eagle that might dive to catch prey at any time. The

flight lesson was almost the same as what Charlie taught them.

First of all, let the broom jump into her hand.Most of the Gryffindor students succeeded after a few 西安夜生活网 attempts.Only Shanna was an exception.Her broomstick did not move at all.In the end, Shanna directly bent down and held the broom in her hand. There was a burst of laughter.

Mrs. Hooch, who saw this scene, also shook her head insignificantly.

“Don’t worry, there are only a few who can do it easily.” Angelina motioned to the flushed Shanna to look at the opposite. Slytherin students, their condition is not much better than her. Those who were still laughing at her just now are still competing with their own broomsticks.

Then there is how to ride the flying broomstick and the correct holding of their hands, Mrs. Hooch Walking back and forth among the students, correcting everyone’s wrong grip.She was amazed at the high level of Gryffindor students, and for this, she added five points to Gryffindor, making the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Slytherin students who were criticized on the opposite side very dissatisfied.


she practiced lifting off the ground. Shanna’s situation was even worse. The broom she was riding on was trembling slightly, a