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nd looked at Boss Luo and the maid. 西安耍耍网 There was not much surprise.

I saw several figures slowly sinking in the darkness, accompanied by the light from the lighting tools, and the two sides could see each other clearly.

“Wow! Big brother, big sister!”

“Reyaz is you? Why are you?” Master Karen opened his mouth in surprise at this time.

I’m afraid it was because I encountered Reyaz here, which really shocked Master Karen’s heart, so he did not notice the face of another teenager who was with Reyaz at this time.

Krypton Duojin blinked at this time, his face faintly weird, and he secretly said in his heart: How did this old man come here, but no one has told him that this old man will appear here, and so are these people in front of him.

Krypton Duojin frowned, but soon returned to normal.

“Big brother, big sister, are 新西安夜网 you also lost?” Reyaz looked quite excited at this time, stepping forward and saying, “My accident crashed. This is Krypton Gold, my friend. This is Helen, also… is also my friend. Hey, why is there a gate here so high?”

Helen suddenly grabbed Reyaz’s arm tightly at this moment, and half-hidden behind Reyaz.

“Don’t be afraid, they are my friends.” Reyaz comforted softly.

Helen didn’t speak, but silently nodded her head as if thinking of something, she hurriedly got to Reyaz’s ear, and whispered: “If, if something happens, you must hold fast to me and I, I swim faster. ”

What will happen under what circumstances?” Reyaz puzzled.

Helen just shook her head and whispered again: “I don’t know, it’s just a little uneasy. These two people, they, they feel a little bit”

“You said the big brother and the big sister? They are very nice and helped me a lot.” Lei Yaz shook his head, “Although it’s a little mysterious, maybe they can help you find your sisters!”

“Really…really?” Helen’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Here, Boss Luo and Miss Maid looked at the little Siren behind Reyaz with a lot of fun, especially Boss Luo. They even smiled and said, “Don’t worry, your two si