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held the Swordbreaker in one hand. Jumping to my side, it looks like he wants to fight with me.

I gave her a hard push, rushed to hug her neck and hang on her soft body very reluctantly. She pressed her ears and said to her: “You will take care of Qige, you will take her away at the last moment, 西安耍耍网 don’t you know?”

She hesitated a little, but shook her head firmly, and said hoarsely: “I want to fight with you.”

Kurz’s maid Asakusa also carried a black iron stick at this time, quietly following behind Kurz. No matter how much Kurz tried to persuade her, scold her, or push her, he remained unmoved, but stubbornly followed behind Kurz, and finally saw Kurz helplessly take 新西安夜网 her with her, and put those frost scrolls on the grass. Try to be more spread out.

When I was holding Catalina trying to persuade her again, Qige dressed in a large magic robe jumped from the back of the Aguimon, holding the magic rune sword in one hand, running over angrily, glaring at me, that beauty His big eyes seemed to say to me: You look down on people a little bit too much! She stood beside me, looking at the orc girls dancing the 西安夜网论坛 war dance with a bit of excitement, and said: “Look at the orc women, they are dancing the war dance!”

I was a little silly and said, “So this is war dance. I thought it was such a mysterious dance. It turned out to be so simple! I can learn these things too!”

Qige said with some insight, “So war dance is not Based on a certain dance posture to inspire a certain power, they are 西安夜生活第一论坛网 more like praying to the ancestors following the rhythm, ah! Yes! How could I not expect that this is the power of ancestors, the orcs believe in the spirit of ancestors and Beast gods, it seems that these war dances are praying for the protection of the ancestors’ spirits.”

However, she saw these beast girls open their clothes, and some even showed their full chests and slender thighs, jumping like crazy. , Standing aside, her face flushed 西安夜生活论坛 with shame.

The gray dwarf robbers rushed over like a tide, and I saw the l