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on, mixed with the sunset light, illuminating the narrow street.

Qiao rode Xiaobai and stopped in the middle of the street steadily. The police team rode behind him and packed the whole street tightly.

Billy stood in front of Joe’s horse, with his left hand resting on the armed belt, his right hand raised, palm forward, and he shouted at Xiaodick, who was sticking out his head in an unusually powerful manner: “In the name of the law, we suspect your car. There are dangerous and prohibited items on board, please get off the car and cooperate with the inspection!”

Billy has a strong local accent in Tulum, and his idioms are very different from Ruhr City and the central part 新西安夜网 of the empire.

Xiaodick was in a bad mood when he heard Billy’s words, his eyes rounded and snarled: “Where is the hillbilly? Get out of here! Little police officer, do you know who I am?”

Joe There was a heavy cough.

Billy’s left hand was fascinated by half a brick. He gritted his teeth and slapped a brick on his forehead, splitting a wound less than half an inch long on his forehead, and a wisp of blood 西安夜网论坛 quickly blew away. He came out, flowing happily along his white round face.

Joe’s eyes widened, hissing in disbelief on his face yelled: “Assault the police, you dare to attack the police? Catch them and catch them!”

Behind Qiao, hundreds of policemen shouted at the same time, full of foul language. He waved his baton and charged up.

Xiaodick looked at Billy with blood on his face 西安桑拿网 in amazement, and his mind was dizzy. He has been alive for so many years. He has also seen many monsters in the intelligence department, but he has never seen it like this. People, such a thing!

In the past few decades of his life, most of his dealings with him were gentleman-level high-class figures. These people also conspired to frame each other, and there were also gangsters, but they had never been

attacked 西安夜生活第一论坛网 by such low-end and despicable means. police?

He Xiaodik von Lawrence will inherit the nobleman of the Marquis of the