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ing.” Dr. Geers suddenly said very seriously.

Luo Qiu couldn’t help asking curiously: “What does it mean.”

Dr. Geers smiled and said, “That proves that my luck today is really bad.”

“I believe it.” Boss Luo said, “Heart is kind.” People, luck will not be bad as long as they are kind-hearted people.”

“What did you talk to him?”

Tina walked up with a face of doubt at this time. She was to see Dr. Geers and temporary The captain walked up after the conversation was over.

In fact, she is not surprised that Dr. Geers appeared. It must be Mr. Valli’s secretly instructing. Basically, every time such a game is held, Mr. Valli will arrange several of his people to go off the court together as a facilitator. Get rid of those opponents who may pose a threat.

But what Tina hadn’t thought was that Dr. Geers would surrender so simply this time, even 西安夜生活第一论坛网 though the interim captain’s ability was really to

“understand some irrelevant topics.” Dr. Geers shook her head at this time, “Also probably One thing is admonished.”

“What’s the matter?” The

doctor said with a weird face at this time: “Probably, it means to be a man?”

Chapter 26 Survival


With the metal door at the end of the passageway of the Batman statue In the room behind, a mysterious dark green light suddenly lit up.

In the light, Miss Gong Linna’s coachman Zamas was approaching step by step, as if he had been robbed of all his sanity.


Just wake up!” At this moment, a tingling sensation suddenly appeared on Zamas’s cheek, which made him shudder and then woke up.

“What is this!”

Zamas was shocked, instinctively backed up a few steps, 西安夜网论坛 and then looked at the thing in front of him that attracted all his attention in cold sweat.

At the same time, he also discovered the cause of the wound on his cheek. There was a kitchen knife standing on the ground at this time, and there was even a small trace of blood on the blade.

It was this kitchen knife that attacked him and made himself sober. The moment Zamas thought abo