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ts, turns the rudder 西安全城安排网 in its hand, and adjusts the direction of the ship. Finally, the Cuttlefish cut into the waves almost at right angles, was lifted up by the huge waves, and then fell suddenly. The ship bumped like a roller coaster, and Tim hugged the mast tightly. It faintly heard the sound of shattering objects in the cabin. The experienced captain of the Jackal was driving the ship, breaking the waves all the way, without knowing that the greater danger was approaching quietly. In the gloomy sea, a black shadow that was deeper than the sea quietly sneaked to the bottom of the Cuttlefish. Suddenly, Tim felt that the ship under him was arched by something. He was a little puzzled. In such weather, what could be under the seabed? ! Therefore, Tim thought this was his own illusion. He looked up at the focused Jackal Captain and found that the Captain did not respond, so he relaxed. Immediately afterwards, Tim found that the ship had been jacked up again. This time, it realized something was wrong and shouted at the jackal. captain! There is something under the sea! As a high-ranking warrior, the captain of the Jackal, his face changed when he heard the cry of the murloc. According to the hull structure, in wind and waves, the bow and stern are relatively bumpy, while the middle part is relatively stable. The mast that Tim was hugging was at the midpoint of the ship, making it easier to feel the subtle movements of the bottom of the ship. The captain of the Jackal wanted to understand everything in an instant. They may be in big trouble! At this moment, a huge tentacle full of suckers suddenly rose from the bottom 西安耍耍网 of the sea, and fell from the sky to hit the deck. boom! The cargo boxes on the deck shattered and the cargo in the cargo boxes drifted away with the wind. The captain of the Jackal immediately recognized the owner of the tentacle. Damn it! Wild deep-sea giant chapter! Chapter 218: Mani Redmane is very familiar with the creature like the Deep Sea Giant Chapter. Because these behemoths in t