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agic test bench into a whole bundle, and then put them into a small magic box, and carefully locked the magic box. This was my last night. After the whole night, I promised that even if I am in the 西安夜生活论坛imperial capital, I will continue to provide magic scrolls for our magic grocery store and work hard to maintain our magic grocery store.

Of course, since I left El City, the magic grocery store business will inevitably suffer some shocks. At least the supply of various magic resources will be interrupted, such as magic red bronze, rare magic herbs, iron wood and indigo. Wood, wood, etc.西安夜网论坛 , before these things would continue to be shipped from Xinliu Valley, but now I am in the imperial capital, there is no way to provide these magic materials to the magic grocery store.

This matter can only be done until Ma successfully graduated from the Magic Academy, and then spread our magic groceries to the Imperial Capital.

Before that, I could only send the drawn magic scrolls back to El City continuously.

It was still raining outside the window. The clothes washed out last night were still hung on the balcony. When it rained at night, I didn’t expect to put it away. Now it has been ruined by the wind and rain. When I was in El City, these things Fanny has always done it for me. Occasionally, when she is too busy, Tracy will stretch out her hand. Later, Nancy and Cindy joined our family. These 新西安夜网 housework is usually done by Nancy. Thinking of the virtuous and gentle Nancy, I would sigh from the bottom of my heart that the middle-aged Lion can still have such a blessing.

I was thinking about how to get an umbrella. When I looked at the stone slab road outside the window, I realized that few of the students walking in the rain were holding umbrellas. They either wore a rainproof magic robe. , Put the hood on his head, and walked silently in the rain like that, like wearing a high-grade black raincoat. More people chose to turn on the magic shield, and the fine raindrops fell from the sky and hit the colorless t