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icious!” Meanna asked in surprise, and then asked: “This is cooked meat?” The

biggest difference between cooked meat and raw meat is the animal on the wasteland. For people, it’s the fuel issue. On the grassland in early spring, if you can chase wild sheep and buffalo, you may be able to pick up enough cow dung behind them, and that thing can be burned. But if you want to make a lot of fresh mutton into mature 西安夜生活网 meat in the wasteland, the amount of fuel needed is very huge.

Kurz glanced at the burning fire-gathering scroll with a little embarrassment, and said: “We cooked it with the fire-gathering scroll, then dried it, and then smashed it with a wooden hammer little by little, and it became the meat it is now. Silk, it tastes very good, it melts in the mouth, or it can be boiled into a thick soup, served with wild vegetables. A few days ago, we also had wheat cakes, which is the best to eat with.”

Speaking of eating, Kurz’s language seems Much fluent. In this time when raw meat is in short supply, I also talked about how to make luxurious pork floss. This was a challenge to Meyana. Meyana’s eyes suddenly became very cold, which made me feel cold in my heart. I think what the old orc is most uncomfortable with may be the extravagant 西安桑拿网 orc aristocrats. The decline of the entire orc world is caused by those orc aristocrats imitating the extravagant life of humans. Kuz is here with Meana. Talking about how to make pork floss, it’s really watery.

I secretly stabbed him hard in the ribs, and said to my heart that your child is always incomprehensible, so I can only pretend to be a good baby and add: “I heard Sister Guoguo say, Shi Luo People in Yit City like to drink this broth, or eat these meat floss in white bread, with some sweet cream, then it is delicious. Since there is so much meat in the wasteland, even hiding When it’s just thrown away in the wilderness, piled up like a hill, so much fresh lamb is good for making floss! This thing is convenient to store, we don’t eat it ourselves, it’s