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s grown for an unknown number of years.Some strange-shaped tree roots arch out of the ground, forming a shape that is fascinating.Unfortunately, it is not a good association.

The sound of gurgling water can be heard faintly nearby.Through the faint light, Elena can see the unicorn blood stains scattered on the road, maybe it is the little guy rubbing on his body, or it may be left by the owner of the blood. . under

but anyway, all this proves she soon arrived at our destination.

Elena seeing quickened his pace, this 西安夜生活网 place stayed a long time not a good thing.

after thorough Although the advent of spring, etc., leaves It grows completely, with bushes and grassland, here may be a wonderful scenery, but at the beginning of the autumn night, it is not a pleasant thing to travel in this cold place. The

most important thing is to

follow. As time passed, Elena became more and more aware of who the enemy she was about to face.

Now near Hogwarts, the murderer is most likely to be Voldemort, who needs to rely on the blood of unicorns to survive.

After all, Possessing Qi The Voldemort on the back of Professor Luo’s head is too weak. As a remnant soul, he can only regain a little strength by relying on this cursed magical blood.

However, the only thing that puzzles Elena is that this is not the original The timeline of the plot?!

According to the original 西安夜生活论坛 script arrangement, Professor Quirrell should first try to cause a commotion, such as putting a giant monster in the school, and then taking advantage of the chaos to break through the forbidden area of ??the fourth floor corridor where the magic stone is hidden.

It’s similar to this kind of thing that sucks the 西安耍耍网 blood of unicorns, and it will not appear until after the New Year, when Voldemort becomes weaker and has a more urgent need to increase some of his strength to crack the magic level.


Hogwarts ! Isn’t today’s dishes delicious?!

Why at this time, abandon the carefully prepared dishes at Hogwarts kitchen and choose t