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rs from salvaging them.”

“Their sunken soldiers are 西安夜网论坛 quite expensive.” Nanjing Longfeng pouted. He is a digging party. Isn’t it your job to disturb soldiers in peace?

“Fart Jingui, if Brother Shi can trust me, don’t rush to accept the commission. Anyway, they are looking for a ship from the East India Company, which does not conflict with our own salvage plan.” At

this point, Huo Heng looked at Nanjing Longfeng and asked. Said, “By the way, that British lady named Jenny is a club member? Will it cause you trouble?”

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix didn’t care at all, “No, the sea has the final say, the club is mine, not hers, and it is not her turn to speak.”

“That will be easy” Huo Hengsan The two sentences shifted the topic to other aspects.

After some greetings, when Nanjing Longfeng returned to prepare the guest room for him, Elena held up her mobile 西安耍耍网 phone and said, “Yuri, half an hour ago, Mr. Huo transferred US$6.66 million to the club account.”

“So much?” Nanjing Longfeng asked in surprise, he could not see which of the cultural relics dug up on the Camellia Peninsula was worth so much money.

“The account has finally returned to a balance of tens of millions of dollars.” Elena showed the balance on the phone screen like a miser.

“Forget it, 新西安夜网 just keep it, just because we are short of money to spend.”

Nanjing Longfeng didn’t plan to investigate whether he lost or earned money. The relationship between him and Huo Heng is rather special. The foundation of mutual trust is extremely solid. And I am afraid that a large part of this money is the “consultation fee” that Nanjing Longfeng just gave him.

“Yuri, should we go to salvage the sunken ship next?” Elena plunged into Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix’s arms and hung on the other side like a koala.

“It’s not the time to salvage the sunken ship.” Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix walked into the room holding Elena. Before they finished talking about the routines of the people of Yin, the two were busy planting seedlings.

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