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ead were deep and long, and he was wearing quite old jackets. The body is slightly rickets. The other was much younger, probably only seventeen or eighteen years old, standing beside the old woman with a serious expression. This is Ms. Wendy from the Witch League, the guard introduced. Hello, my lord. The two bowed respectfully. They said they were migrants from the South, who moved into the inner city community a month and a half ago. I also checked my ID card, which is basically consistent with the above information. You are the witch Wendy looking at the young woman and asking in as soft a tone as possible, what is your name, the lord is asking you something. The woman pulled her sleeve. Asya. The latter whispered. You are her mother, right? Her dad is still working in the furnace area, so I sent her here first. The woman nodded and said, sir, may I ask the witch that His Royal Highness said on the notice that every month has a golden dragon Is it true if she is willing to join the Witch League? My Axia opened her mouth. She is willing, and of course she is willing to dedicate everything to her Highness. The mother interrupted her daughter. May I ask if we want to sign the contract. When will we get the money, Wendy’s words made Wendy frown. It’s not hard to hear that women obviously treat their daughters as goods for sale, and they even regard the Witch League as an offering to the Prince’s Palace. A place for fun. She suppressed the unhappiness in her heart, and replied in a flat voice, His Royal Highness is now dealing with government affairs in Long Song Fortress, and I don’t know when he will be back. In addition, you need to review and test before joining the alliance. You can put your daughter in the castle first, and then sign the contract after your highness returns to Border Town. After all, Axia is always innocent no matter what, she doesn’t want to spread the anger towards the ignorant to the innocent. Although most of the aborigines in the town have accepted the witch, these evil moons did not c