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ully, “This is what the words seem to be called?”

She was originally not a creature of this sub-world, but 西安夜生活第一论坛网 unfortunately was dragged in by the front and then, on the slate The source of the impression of the words is the real Nan Xiaonan or the remaining 西安夜生活网 knowledge of Nan Xiaonan.

But for a while, she couldn’t remember what these words were. I knew what it was, but for a while, I couldn’t remember what it was.

Short for, blind.

The Great Sword and the Great Sacred Sword is right.

This sword is very useful. A crit hit with a single knife, and the direct damage reached 999 points, instantly squeezing the one-eyed green monster in front of him.

Then the Holy Light Knight, who was transferred shortly, had already reached the level of lv5.

After the dead one-eyed monster disappeared, there was a pair of wristbands exuding sapphire brilliance on the ground. The checkerboard sent a reminder. This is a general-purpose wrist suitable for knight-like professions. The function is probably to increase a little bit of attack power. A little bit of defensive 西安桑拿网 power, in addition to increase the chance of a crit attack.

Boss Luo bent over and picked up the pair of braces. At this time, a small slate corner came into his sight.

This seems to be exposed because of the loosening of the soil when fighting the one-eyed monster.



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Chapter 19 Followers

Most of the stone slabs are buried in the dirt, so Boss Luo did not bend over to pick it up at this time, just stretched out his hand.

The soil began to loosen automatically, and then the loose stone slab slowly floated up. The old mud adhered to it also separated little by little, becoming extremely clean.

The masters probably couldn’t see the careful actions of the followers on the chessboard, otherwise the master of the castle might find it incredible at this time, 西安夜生活论坛 this is not something that the slaves can do.

In short, the slate has fallen into the hands of boss Luo. This is an irregular slate.

It should belong to a larger