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g whispered: “How are the past few days?”

Gan Hong said earnestly: “I will recover as soon as possible, and then return to my post.”

Song Ying said, “What post? You said I would return to Luoqiu.” Is it by your side?”

Gan Hong said with a serious face: “That day, the old

man announced that I will belong to Master Qiu 西安耍耍网 from now on.” Song Ying shook her head, and suddenly reached out her hand to hold her sweet red face and stared at her. “You tell me honestly, why don’t you reject my grandfather? You should know that if you don’t want to, even if you are a grandpa, you won’t force it. What is it for?”

Gan Hong calmly said, “We have been trained and studied since we were young. Many girls 新西安夜网 like me, most of them are doing tasks outside by unscrupulous means, and the body is just a tool that can be used by us. Miss Ying, don’t you think that compared to them, I’m already lucky.”

Song Ying didn’t blink, nor did Gan Hong.

After a while, Song Ying sighed and let go of her hands, “Forget it, if it’s just for this reason, then congratulations, your goal has been achieved.”

“Yeah.” Gan Hong responded lightly.

“Stretch 西安夜生活网 out your hand.” Song Ying said suddenly.

Gan Hong was a little puzzled, but Gan Hong still stretched out her hand. I saw Song Ying’s hand suddenly slapped on Gan Hong’s palm. This was not a beating, Gan Hong just felt something on her hand.

“Don’t give this thing away casually.” Song Ying stood up at this moment, turned her back to Gan Hong, and walked towards the coaching steel pipe for training. “That’s what the guy said.”

Gan Hong 西安夜生活论坛 looked down. Look at the things on the palms: silver bracelets.

She suddenly smiled.

“What are you still waiting for?” Song Ying called out loudly at this time, “Didn’t you say that you want to recover as soon as possible? Then don’t be lazy. I don’t have much time, at most I can stay with you for an hour or two, you Just be content!”

Perhaps it is a kind 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of luck.

Can meet Miss Ying and Master Qiu.

Gan Hong made herself stand up with di