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urning sensation tortured the demon.

arrow-shaped bullets are plated with a little sacred silver, like a rain of scattered arrows, fiercely nailed on the body of the monster, and at this moment Lorenzo rushed up again, and the dense black

armor extended from his wrist. Just as Lorenzo had done before, the proliferation of armor wrapped the pocket knife, and it stretched several tens of centimeters in an instant, like that pitch black His long sword was then cut down fiercely.

many times Withstanding the attack, it has caused incurable wounds on the raised arm. Lorenzo’s blow directly slashed many of its arms, just like cutting 西安耍耍网 through the dense forest, Baner’s body is close to him.

Baner waved. With the remaining arms, he thrust into the wall forcefully, and the bone blade repeatedly pierced in. Baner crawled up the wall. Lorenzo did not have so many arms. He couldn’t catch up, but the demon who had already lost his mind. I forgot that Lorenzo hit its hook before.

This is a special weapon for Lorenzo. Although it is an experimental type, it also takes into account the high-intensity battle that Lorenzo may encounter. The strength of the rope is extremely high. , The previous battle failed to cut it off.

Lorenzo directly pulled the rope and went up with Baner, like the desperate pursuer, he pulled the rope and ran up the wall in an unreasonable way, near Baner when, vicious knife wielded directly to that part of the arm cut off, lost support, spot Seoul figure crumbling, but soon that the blade deep into the bone into the wall, hold 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the body type.

At this time The demon realized that the god of death was catching up, and the bone blade slashed towards Lorenzo, but at this time Lorenzo showed great agility.He pulled the rope and ran to the other side of the wall, avoiding the attack. feet kicking hard at the same time away from the wall, so that their swing up.

he spots Dangqi Seoul as the center of a huge semi-arc, rose to the highest point when he let go, to make himself into the sky.