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began to chant a spell. Rainstorm is a large-scale, but not lethal magic. Mages generally use it to create a suitable battlefield environment. During dry periods, there are also kind wizards who use it to water the peasants’ land, which can be used to put out fires at this time. The power of the elements permeated the air, and a large black cloud quickly gathered in the sky. Twenty seconds later, heavy rain poured down, covering the entire Nancheng District of Shiratori City. The third prince and Samisi both sighed. 西安桑拿按摩 The wider the fire spread, the harder it was to extinguish it. The third prince wanted to attack the barbarians based on the Shiratori Castle, and naturally they could not sit and watch it turn into ruins. go! Go to the White Wolf Army station! Of course, it is impossible for all the White Wolf Army to live in the castle with 10,000 people. They live in the commercial 西安耍耍网 area not far from the castle. The third prince took the remaining guards and rushed to the White Wolf Army station. The heavy rain made by magic poured down, extinguishing the flames that hadn’t been burning for a long time, and the two sides fighting in the streets and alleys were also drowned. The water droplets hanging on the eyelashes interfered with the sight, the son of Viscount Namxia, The acting lord of Shiratori City-Sarloc touched the rain on his face and looked towards the alleys and streets of the melee. At this time, the top commander of the Shiratori City side was standing on the roof one section higher than the other buildings, watching the battle below. The strategy of the barbarian is very successful! When Sarok arrived, thousands of barbarians had already rushed into Shiratori City, killing and setting 西安桑拿网 fire everywhere. The two sides fought as soon as they met. There is no doubt about this, but the dominant side is not the crowded Shiratori City. The flames and thick smoke make the soldiers of Shiratori City feel hesitant until the heavy rain falls. They woke up. Immediately, the cruel street fighting began,