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echnology! Next is the finished equipment and magic core here! Imagine yourself as a city. Robber, here 西安夜生活网 is the capital to make us come back!”

Under the command of Captain Justin, his subordinates were like locusts crossing the border for an instant, but at this moment, the door of the research room was suddenly closed.

Following this, there was a harsh alarm sound!

“What’s the matter? We were found?”

“No, on our way, we didn’t alarm the guards here at all.”

“Don’t panic! Start the backup plan.”

Captain Justin calmly gave the order at this time, “Don’t forget, we have the warriors of the undersea city on our hands. Weapons As long as these people in the underwater city have that weakness, no matter how much we have, we also have the capital to get away.” After speaking,

a subordinate quickly walked to the wall of the research room and put his hands on the wall. It melted 西安夜生活论坛 directly, revealing a big hole enough for people to pass through.

The subordinates quickly turned around and said, “Captain, come here! I’ll make a way ahead! The walls of this road can’t trap me!”

Just before speaking, before the opening of the hole, a team of eight appeared. This is obviously not the guard of the First House itself, but the gendarmerie of the Royal Government!

“It seems that our actions have 西安桑拿网 long been in the eyes of the Emperor.” Captain Justin shook his head and looked at the line. The gendarmerie said in a blank expression: “After we start, the emperor will appear in the gendarmerie. I am really confident.” The

other side walked out and said in a deep voice: “Mr. Justin, your majesty has ordered it, as long as you go back to the hotel now. , Your Majesty can

assume that 新西安夜网 this accident has not happened. Your Majesty will still cooperate with you with sincerity. Please come back.” “It’s time for this. I don’t think that your emperor can still cooperate with me sincerely.” Justin The captain shook his head, “If you change me, it won’t fail. If you want to keep me, you have to see if you have th