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y, they will encounter different things with different levels of danger, but they all give priority to the person who looks in the mirror.”

“Among them, the most. The dangerous situation is to see yourself.”

“If no one looks into this mirror, it will automatically show up an image every three hours if there is light.”

“It does not have the characteristics of being alive.

” Appendix: This mirror originally belonged to a psychic. It was a very ordinary mirror. Until one day, the psychic looked at it and committed suicide strangely.”

Indeed, behind the Chanis Gate in Tingen, you can There are not many sealed artifacts used in the battle between Extraordinary. “30217” is a good choice. Klein didn’t say much, and immediately ran to the Night Watcher Recreation Room and shouted “The Sleepless” Coenli.

Tonight, Luo Yao takes turns at Channis Gate, Leonard takes a rest, and Sigatron patrols Raphael’s 西安夜生活第一论坛网 cemetery. New members can only arrive on Sunday. Therefore, Dunn can only get from Frye and Cohenley’s Choose one of them. Considering that Mrs. Sharon belongs to the sect of witches and has little to do with the undead, he chose the latter.

A few minutes later, Dunn returned from the ground, holding a mirror tightly wrapped in a thick black cloth.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know it beforehand. I couldn’t tell that it was a mirror. It had no parts exposed outside. Klein and the small Coenli greeted him.

“You are responsible for using Sealed Artifact 30217.” Dunn handed the mirror to Coenli.

Seeing this scene, Klein suddenly realized that he was a Sequence 8 Extraordinary, and had the strength to fight frontally, so he could no longer hide aside as pure assistance.

Hiss, a little nervous, 西安耍耍网 he touched the “Slumber Charm” and other items in his lower pocket to confirm that he was ready.

“The only problem is that I didn’t bring a walking stick to make it easier to climb. Well, I can borrow Coenli’s. He has a mirror and a pistol, which is enough.” Klein’s thoughts were mixed, and the three of