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not knowing what happened.

She was only sixteen or seventeen years old and had never really experienced it. Through this scene.

The splashing 西安耍耍网 billowing smoke and dust gradually fell, and Melissa, who hid behind a tree, subconsciously cast her gaze to the place where the explosion had just occurred.

Her expression instantly solidified, and her gaze suddenly became dull. The

front of the steam train . It was already torn apart, parts and fragments scattered everywhere.

Some of the students around and passing by there fell to the ground 西安夜生活网 with mutilated bodies, and there was no sound anymore, and some were covered in blood with many burnt marks. Still groaning in pain.

Such a scene is like an oil painting. It is so unreal. Melissa stared blankly, but

she couldn’t react for a short time. Carter, a male student with research spirit she knew, every time everyone discusses , Always confidently said that he wanted to become a ship engineer, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 but now, only half of his body is left, with intestines flowing all over the floor;

Eudora, a classmate of her department, obviously studies machinery, but loves poetry, She is quite talented in this area and is loved by people around her. Sometimes, Melissa will also attend their gatherings and quietly listen to Eudora’s recitals, thinking that this is really a charming girl, and now, She had a bloody leg, and 新西安夜网 she moaned half-consciously; in

just a few seconds, the future of these people was cruelly changed.

Until many teachers rushed out of the teaching building and began to rescue the wounded and organize the evacuation of students. Melissa woke up in

shock and hurriedly moved closer to the teachers. Listen to me! You are divided into two batches, one to the laboratory, and one to the Tinis Church. They all have underground areas where you can hide. One of the teachers, Although his face was full of horror, he still calmed down and made arrangements in a clear and clear voice.

He seemed to have received special training. He looked around and saw th