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shed in front of everyone like a ghost.

Pass ! After flashing, a drop of blood fell from the nails of Heishui’s five fingers, and she snorted softly, “Miscellaneous.”

Several civil warriors turned their bodies slowly at this time, but at the moment their bodies turned, the carotid artery at the neck split instantly, and blood burst out. Their eyes widened, they had 西安夜生活论坛 no time to cover the wound, and fell to the ground with a sense of horror.

The pig is just a cub, but his strength is no less than that of a sturdy adult, and his body is short. Several researchers were stunned that they couldn’t suppress it at once.

Heishui was anxious about the pig’s safety, and without checking it carefully, he searched for the pig’s demon and moved quickly.

She left with her front foot, and in the next instant, two more figures came here.

There were corpses and wounded all over the floor, Bubugao’s face changed drastically, but Wang Hu’s eyes were clear and he waved his arm, “This direction is gone!”

Bubugao’s thoughts turned sharply, and he said directly: “Wang Hu, Go chasing it, you must cut it off, don’t kill humans. I am here to rescue the wounded, and wait for the seniors 西安桑拿网 to come over!”

Wang Hu directly nodded, his body directly struck Bubugao and looked at him with horror. Seeing the terrible situation here, I saw the terrifying corpse in the corner again, and suddenly shuddered, “Ma, I broke into the devil’s laboratory? The second young master of the Zhong family, what did

he do?” With a heart move, he suddenly picked up some scattered documents from the ground and looked 西安耍耍网 down.

The alarm buzzer sounded frantically.

The shock of the building also spread to the area on the other side of the research institute. The sudden sound of the alarm made the group of people who were dealing with Zhu Gangzi stop their hands.

As for the rest of the children, they were already asleep long ago, but it was just a sudden change at this time, but they also alarmed them, and they pushed out the door blankly fro