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ghed, and yelled at the inspectors walking around outside the iron fence of the detention room: “I’m innocent, I’m the victim… It was the bavarian 新西安夜网 bastard who tried to assassinate me, but it was not me. Trouble with him.”

Several inspectors looked at Joe, then shook their heads without saying a word.

The matter was so violent that it had already alarmed most of the imperial capitals, and even blown up the diplomatic circle of the entire imperial capital.

Several high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Durham Empire 西安耍耍网 were photographing the desk of the Minister of Supervision Wenzel in desperation, hoarsely demanding severe punishment of’an imperial scum named Joe’.

The ambassadors to the Durham Empire from hundreds of countries, including the Ice Sea Kingdom, Saint Xia Kingdom, the United Kingdom of Nice, the Gaul Republic, etc., are all excited about watching the excitement and not worrying about trouble. With a large group of attachés rushed to the Supervision Department. 西安夜生活网

They are looking outside Wenzel’s office, looking forward to the further development of this matter.

Even the ambassador of the United Kingdom of Nice to the Durham Empire has opened the market privately. Many ambassadors and embassy officials have placed bets-one, they bet on the life and death of Bavaria; two, they bet on the causes and consequences of 西安夜网论坛 things; three, they bet on Joe The end!

If you look at the current handicap alone, Joe has a high probability of being executed.

Ninety-nine percent of ambassadors and embassy officials placed a heavy bet that Joe would not survive.

The matter is too big, too much trouble.

Except for Bavaria, whose whereabouts are unknown, the Lucian Empire’s Embassy in the Duren Empire suffered heavy losses this time.

Their chief military officer and lieutenant, as well as seven or eight extraordinary Tier 6 generals, died seven or eight, and only one lucky person who saw the chance survived, but he was also cut off by Marcos’ heavy axe. leg.