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what’s wrong with the eldest brother, Jacques Mede colluded with Maple Leaf Run Wolf and Wild Rose, and attacked Long Song Fortress the day before yesterday. His Royal Highness said coldly that the attack caused many innocent casualties and two blocks were burned. They even tried to force the honeysuckle to surrender. They did not hesitate to act on Pei Luo’s family. When Rennes heard the last sentence, he almost suspected that he had heard it wrong. Even if he was at war with a hostile nobleman, it would be an extremely shameful act to threaten the opponent with relatives. Jacques actually did such a thing. The rebellion involved a lot, but I promise that anyone who participated in the attack will not escape the sanctions of the law. The rebels will be severely punished. The prince knocked on the table and said, this time I came to the fortress to clean up the entire western region and not let a mouse mine go. Yeah, I felt a thin layer of sweat coming out of my back. Your Highness, I can rest assured that I will not anger those who are innocent. In fact, I’m just about to ask you a question. Jacques Med has died in the rebellion. Will you be willing to inherit the position of earl? There is almost no second answer to this question of working for me like Hermon, Rein Med. Kneel down without hesitation and swear allegiance with the standard knight’s ritual. When he stated his oath, he found unexpected peace of mind. In fact, he never hated the prince who took his father’s life on the battlefield. Anyone could have accidents, not to mention the Duke of Lane and the other five people who provoked the war, not His Royal Highness. After the war, he did not treat the defeated aristocrats harshly, and exchanged prisoners with ransoms according to the default method of the aristocrats. If his father didn’t die on the spot, it is estimated that he would be the same as the Earl of Honeysuckle, and he would return to the territory safely. Rehn received the training of knights, and carried out the knight’s ideas in his he