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was no joking in their eyes. Really male? If you see the Lord of Brightness descend to the earth and run to the wilderness to actively pursue a dirty and stupid goblin, the Pope’s expression will be at most the same as the Lord Lord’s present. It may be difficult to accept, but there is no doubt about it. Richard always felt that Bedrick was holding back a smile when he spoke. Do you know why a powerful monster like a dragon would be willing to become a partner of the dragon knight? Suffolk asked a question that seemed 西安夜网论坛 irrelevant. However, everyone present at the moment knew that since Suffolk asked so, there must be his reason. The horse will naturally obey after being beaten. Richard’s thinking is as simple and crude as ever. If horse training is by beating, then dragon training must be the same, at most guys change from riding whips to powerful magic 西安桑拿网 weapons. No, no, almost all dragon knights are not opponents of dragons. Suffolk waved his hands repeatedly. Then why. The lord could not help suspecting that perhaps the dragon knights are all rich men, because the legendary dragons especially like gold. At present, there are only three or five dragon knights in all countries, and it seems that the treasury is not sufficient. The dragon possesses wisdom that is not inferior to that of human beings. In the long and plain life, it will occasionally be moved by some human diamond-like pure and sparkling hearts. They have a life span of thousands of years. They don’t mind to spend a few decades to accompany an interesting life slowly to decline, so they become partners. Suffolk’s tone is gentle and deep, like a quietly flowing river, always intriguing. Oh! Li Cha could have heard it, co-authoring 西安桑拿按摩 the dragon to find a knight is closer to humans and raising golden retrievers! This is the most common situation. Bedrick took the stubborn words and continued: There are some more special ones, such as moving with singing, acting with piety, or simply because they love gambling. Richard imagined the knight st