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owerful Mountain Splitter will belong to No. 1524 Guest. No. 0356 VIP bid 380,000! Three hundred and eighty thousand times! awesome! No. 0698 VIP bid 400,000! Is there any higher? ! If not, I would like to congratulate guest 0698! In the end, the Mountain Splitter was bought by an orc with 430,000 gold 西安桑拿按摩 coins of supernatural power. Congratulations to distinguished guest 1428 for winning the Mountain Splitter! Below is the second product, the magical wonder-the alien robe! The giant axe was carried down again by the four strong men. On the other side of the auction hall, a slender elf maid walked up with a red tray in her hands. The tray was filled with folded alien robe. The Alien Robe is a precious robes brought by the Magic Sword Expedition from the remains of the Arcane Empire. In the end, they chose to trust our Grey Tower Auction House and put this treasure on the Grey Tower Auction House for auction. The beholder lifted the Alien Robe with two savings, and the 3D projection appeared in the field again. Alien’s robe has only one function, that is, transformation, not blindness, or time-limited transformation, but perfect transformation. Once you put on this robe, you can live in another biological form forever. Of course, this one hasn’t been tested yet to be able to give birth to children, maybe that person can try it. In the laughter of the audience, the beholder handed the robe to the elf maid. It is difficult to see the singularity of the Alien’s robe just by looking at 西安桑拿网 and explaining it. Below, the wizard of the intermediate ranger profession will show you it. The fairy maid put on the alien robe and turned into a yellow bird flying around the field. Most of the legendary professionals were unmoved, and any transformation technique could achieve such an effect, but a small group of people, including the White Dragon Lord, showed an expression of interest in their eyes. This elf was an intermediate professional, but after she became a bird, the professional aura on her disappeared. If you tu