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change, they will gradually return to the original life track. They will gradually understand that this sudden power is only a tool of life, not the dominator who dominates their creatures. When they accept and fully master the power, they will use it less often. This is not the case for humans. Things 西安夜生活网 that are too easy to get will have lower happiness and no happiness, which will make people lose.”

Luo Qiu thought for a while, “has the teacher ever met someone who is lost?”

Teacher Pulin affirmed: “Of course there is. In fact, most of these people find it difficult to return to the original path of life. Their thoughts are already dominated by power, and they believe in the law of the 西安桑拿网 jungle. This is actually quite ridiculous. The law of the jungle does not. Wrong, but the fault lies in the view that power is everything. To be honest, I don’t like force theory, but young people like it better.”

Luo Qiu suddenly smiled.

Teacher Pulin asked curiously: “Is there anything on my face.”

Boss Luo suddenly said, “Teacher, you are really suitable for continuing to be a teacher. 新西安夜网 Maybe you don’t know it yourself. What you call is just a chance encounter. Behind the job, the teacher who became a teacher is that you also like the profession of a

teacher .” Teacher Purin thought for a while, shook his head, and said noncommittal: “Perhaps, but I am not sure why I look forward to this profession. ”

Boss Luo looked at the time at this time.

“It’s not too early.” Teacher Pulin saw the 西安夜生活论坛 intention of the other party’s departure, so she simply said: “I’m glad you invited me in. Even if I invited you in this meal, as a teacher, Don’t let students spend money well. Even if you spend money, it won’t become a condition for your science credits.”

Boss Luo couldn’t help but smile.

Teacher Pulin put the wine money on the table, and then walked around the people who were attracted by 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Uncle Picker, and quietly left the bar. The owner Luo gently shook the cup in his hand, his eyes suddenly changed, and he l