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Many old people in Tulum harbor sneered at the harmless Liya in their hearts? Ha ha!

“I can still grow into a strong and brave person. Thanks to my elder brother Golkin, 西安耍耍网 the respectable Golkin. He is not here today. He is in the Northwest battlefield. He is fighting bloody battle for the benefit of the empire because he taught me how to handle it since childhood. Clenched fists, how to fight evil, so as to cultivate my perseverance character.”

. Gorkin, the despicable Joe, this pair of brothers took their dog legs, and the running dogs of the Rittal family, and the young people of the 西安夜生活网 big families of the former Committee of Seven.

A small half of the youth present turned black at the same time.

Many young people from the Caban family, Haydn family, and Duolun family subconsciously touched their noses, foreheads, back of their heads, and even ribs and arms.

Even the great figures from the duke family standing beside Hesse couldn’t help pulling their bow tie and coughing 西安夜生活网 slightly. They are going to wait to sell it to Hessian, but there are many young handsome men in their clan who are enough to become Tifa’s good partners.

Golkin’s attack was extremely ruthless, like a mad dog; Joe

‘s attack was extremely ruthless, a treacherous rascal, such a shameless pair of brothers, they were packaged so openly by Joe!

He exhaled heavily. The young people from the Caban family, Haydn family, and Duolun family swallowed their ill feelings. Now everyone is in the same group, everyone is begging for food at the Ritto family. How does Joe love brag , Just how to brag!

“I would also like to thank my sister Tifa and sister Vima Tifa for being extremely caring people. Most of my pocket money was donated to the poverty house and orphanage of Yingui Church through her hands. This made me understand 西安夜生活论坛 what responsibility is, what is compassion, and what is kindness.”

“Vima, she is full of love for all small animals. She is a pure and kind little angel. She made me understand.”

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