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pletely shattered, and there was a dazzling golden light that flooded every part of the room in an instant, making them unable to open their eyes.

After the real sight had adjusted, they looked again 西安桑拿网 uncertainly, and after that, the excitement in their hearts could no longer be concealed. The real Holy Grail was in front of them.

As if there is infinite magic power, even if it takes a glance, the soul seems to be drawn, and they can’t help but appear in front of their eyes.

Harmony, happiness, satisfying human beings should bring the feeling of coming soon, filling their hearts and their faces in 西安夜网论坛 an instant, and a weird but obsessive smile of satisfaction emerged unconsciously.


The sound of percussions suddenly sounded at this time, and everyone suddenly shook their spirits this time. They all woke up, but saw that it was the sound of Sir Pukins tapping the tabletop with his cane.

“Everyone, please keep quiet.” Sir Pukins said slowly, as if he hadn’t seen everyone gaffe.

Everyone sighed.

“The grape cup in the Last Supper, according to legend, even once contained the magic cup of the blood of the Son that can realize any wish.” The old man murmured at the moment.

“Everyone, this is not the Holy Grail in the Bible, but something created in the sinful land a hundred years ago. It only has the name of the Holy Grail, but it is definitely not a sacred thing.” An old woman frowned 西安耍耍网 at this time. “It is very clearly written in the literature. It requires sacrifice to activate it!”

Said sacrifice, which made the willpower a little weaker. At this time, another knight’s mechanism was still obsessed with the cup on the stone platform. The person in charge woke up like a dream and was startled in a cold sweat.

“Then. Pukins, it has been taken out. How do you plan to make the sacrifice 西安夜生活网 for the most critical part?”

Facing everyone’s gaze, Sir Pukins took a deep breath and slowly said: “It needs to devour the soul to activate. Of course it is impossible for a living soul, so this time